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The Bird Is The Lucky One (A Poem)

01 August 2018

The Bird is the Lucky One (A poem)

I live in the city

on three acres.

I have kept it natural

but have helped it along

to share the beautiful possibilities

that Nature provides.

Even with that sanctuary

I find it hard to remain

tuned into the spiritual

side of life.

“Civilization,” people crowded together

beyond natural tolerances

steal away all attempts

of walking a balanced path.

It is only when

I journey to the cathedrals of nature

that I find myself again.

Camping at Boulder Mountain in Utah,

setting up camp in the rain.

The birds told us when the rain would stop.

The gray clouds gave way to blue sky

splashed with puffs of white.

While dinner was cooked,

I took a walk to Singletree Falls.

The blue lupine beckoned me on.

“Come on.”

“See what surprises we have for you!”

Farther down,

little dainty yellow clusters

teased me forward.

Followed by tiny white clumps

that looked like patches of snow.

It was then the perfume of wild roses

caught my attention.

There they were farther up the trail

pulling me forward.

Cross over the trickle of the stream

to view the grand vista of

mountains of green and

cliffs of yellow and red.

Down the hill,

the rush of water getting louder . . .

louder. . .louder.

Down the hill some more.

There it was!

The waterfall

swollen from the rain,

rushing over the top and

cascading down he rocks.

The twisted piñon pine

bowing to the water and

saluting its magnificence.

The Creator is in this place.

His hand has painted

every delicate blade of grass,

every leaf,

every rock,

every grain of sane,

the pure air, clouds and water.

Looking for the rainbow on the way back.

Distracted by the sparkle of rain drops

dancing on the needles of the young ponderosa pine.

Finally seeing the tiny rainbows

reflecting from the raindrops

on broad leaves.

A bird sitting high in a branch

spoke to me of his joy

of living in this splendor.

He told me of how this place

changes with the seasons-

each more exciting than the one before.

The bird is the lucky one,

he gets to live there.

I have to return to “civilization”! 


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